Implementing Employee Self Service

Implementing Abeceder H2R could not be more straight-forward.


Your Abeceder H2R Project Manager will help you create a plan that will ensure that your employees are fully engaged with Abeceder H2R and are trained in how to use the employee self-service functions.


Abeceder H2R allows you to decide what your employees will be able to access using the self service functionality, and what information a manager can access about their team members.

Your designated Abeceder H2R coordinator will work with a member of the Abeceder H2R to set the limits on functions available to each manager.

Powerful security within Abeceder H2R ensures that a manager can only see information and authorise requests that relate to their own team members.

Password administration is easy with Abeceder H2R – if an employee leaves their access rights can be revoked instantly by your Abeceder H2R coordinator.


Abeceder H2R does not require the installation of any special software.


Abeceder H2R integrates seamlessly with your existing email system. There is no special set–up requirements.

You could never have imagined a self-service roll-out could be this fast!