Employee Self Service

When employees use the self service facilities within Abeceder H2R they help to create a more accurate employee management solution that saves their employer time and money by

  •  Removing the duplication of work that is created when one employee has to tell another employee what to enter on the system about them.
  • Reducing the risk of incorrectly entering information because self service is more accurate.

The more accurate the information held in Abeceder H2R the more useful the actions prompted by Abeceder H2R will be for the management of employees and business growth.

With Abeceder H2R your employees will be able to view

  • Information that is held about them in Abeceder H2R
  • Policies and procedures that are constantly kept up to date 
  • Employment guides that explain how to be successful at each stage of the employment relationship
  • Company news, because well informed employers are more engaged employees
  • Lifestyle content that helps to improve their work life balance, and reduce sickness absence
  • Your employees will be able to use Abeceder H2R to
  • Make formal requests that need an evidence trail and track the progress of those requests electronically saving you the cost of paper and printing of standard forms
  • Access appropriate work related web content