Disciplinary Management

No employer wants to discipline an employee. Perhaps this is why so many employers put off helping a poor performing employee?

Abeceder H2R includes a performance management process that complies with the Acas code and when used appropriately should remove the need for formal performance related disciplinary action.

When the need for employee disciplinary action does arise managers can record every stage of the disciplinary processes from informal conversations to formal warnings to be recorded within an employee’s Abeceder H2R record.

Comprehensive how to guides make sure that managers follow the disciplinary policy and procedure correctly and comply with the Acas code.

The employees’ guide to employment in Work Work Work helps to make sure your employee understands the disciplinary process.

Abeceder H2R ensures that managers are prompted to fulfil the follow- up actions from disciplinary meetings.

Employment law solicitors can be given on-line access to employee records – cutting the cost and time involved in sending paper documents.